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The "perfect lifestyle business"
is waiting to hear from you

The "perfect lifestyle business" is waiting to hear from you

Imagine owning you own business, where your customers treat each visit to your shop as a thrilling experience, delighted to be trying on so many designer hats, and happy to hand you their money because of the savings they are making by hiring instead of buying.

Imagine owning a business where your customers return to your shop, thrilled to have been complemented so many times on their choice of hat.

Imagine owning a business where you can become well known in the local community. Many of your customers are likely to be local dignitaries, such as the mayoress, or members of social organisations, such as ladies' circles and golf clubs.

Imagine owning a business that is very simple to run, with low start-up costs and overheads, yet which can produce impressive returns on your investment, once established.

Imagine owning a business where your main job is to tell as many people as you can about your wonderful hats, because once they come into your shop, they usually become customers for life.

Imagine owning a business where you can escape the "rat race", and prove to yourself and your peers just what you are capable of.

Imagine owning a Felicity Hat Hire

Labeled the "perfect lifestyle business", Felicity Hat Hire is truly unique. Most of our franchisees are women who want to own their own business after bringing up children or leaving jobs that they didn't like. Many initially viewed the business as a very good secondary income. However, in some cases, the very good secondary income has overtaken the husband's primary income!
Imagine owning a Felicity Hat Hire shop

Already established on a national scale as the largest hat business in the UK, we are seeking new and dynamic franchisees to join us and share in our success.

The momentum of our progress has been gathering; we are regularly featured in the national media including 'This Morning', and various BBC programmes. Brand awareness of Felicity Hat Hire has truly reached national scale, and expansion into the European and international market is imminent.

We are with you every step of the way - for US to succeed, YOU must succeed.

For further information please contact us.

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